Sunday, August 31, 2014


Rarely is it when I write a blog the point of which centers on my being athiest.  However, today I read an opinion piece that was titled "Can an athiest ever be elected to public office?"  By Carlos Moreno.  I am in agreement with his piece.  

What I have a problem with is one particular sentence in his editorial.  It begins, "When people of faith question the morality of those without faith..." then continues on to make a point that I happen to agree with.  What I have a problem with, is the seemingly common perception that people who are theists corner the market on faith.  That becauseI  don't believe in any god, that I'm somehow not allowed to have faith.  To assume that because I am not a theist I can't possibly have faith is ridiculous.  I absolutely have faith.   I have a tremendous amount of faith in myself which developed after years of being tested and proving myself over and over again in times of adversity and in times of calm.  I have a tremendous amount of faith in my husband, who amazes me every day.  I have a tremendous amount of faith in our marriage, its foundation, and its future.  I have endless, boundless, faith in my family, my extended family, and my friends.  Occasionally, I even have faith in our country...and if that isn't a test I don't know what is.  But to insinuate that because my faith doesn't have its foundation in some deity I am faithless?  Insulting.  

That is all.

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